One the best things about boudoir photography simply has to be how amazing it can make a woman feel, the empowering sensation and confidence boost of seeing just how sexy and beautiful they are. The fact that most boudoir shoots are generally bought as a present for the woman’s significant other makes it even more special, that they get such a good time and confidence boost into the bargain is awesome.

Every woman wants to feel special and desired, regardless of her size, age, body shape or anything else. My boudoir photography aims to do just that, and make you feel absolutely fantastic about who you are and how you look. Whether you’re shooting for a little black book for a unique and intimate gift on your wedding day, or simply to capture your beauty to look back in years to come, a boudoir shoot is sure to put a smile on your face.  I’ll always try to tailor the shoot to you and your personality and will try to convey whatever that personality shows, be it sweet, naughty, flirty, sensual or whatever, but always with an air of class and elegance.

Understandably I’m a bit limited in what portfolio I can share here for the privacy of past clients, but these ladies have kindly permitted me to show the images you see here. If you book a free consultation I can show you more in the way of images you could expect from a complete shoot, but I cant upload these to the internet for obvious reasons. Don’t miss the frequently asked questions as the bottom of this page if you are unsure on something, chances are it’s answered there.

Boudoir bookings start from £100 to shoot at your home, for which you get all the images fully edited and provided at medium resolution on disc for viewing on your computer or tablet. If you would like to add prints, canvas or a luxury leather bound little black book to give to that special someone, these are available at very reasonable prices and can be discussed at your initial consultation.

FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions

How long does a shoot take?

Usually between an hour and two, but there’s no rush, the main thing is that we get images you love.

Where would the shoot be?

There’s a few options, each with their own price considerations. Your main three options are at your home, at a studio, or at a boutique hotel

Can I have a friend there?

Yes, absolutely! Many women like to bring along a friend for moral support and to help with hair and make-up.

Can you provide a hair and make-up artist?

Kind of, I know several in the industry from weddings and model shoots who all have very reasonable rates, I can put you in touch with one.

What should I bring?

Anything that makes you feel sexy, the sexier you feel the more that shows through in the photos. Generally it would be things like a selection of lingerie, corsets, shoes, jewelry Any props you’d like to include are great, and I often suggest searching sites like Pintrest for inspiration images and ideas.

Do you Photoshop the images?

Yes, all images will be edited, and the level of Photoshop modification will be discussed with you when making a booking. Generally though a little gentle airbrushing and some small body sculpting is all that’s needed, and never to the point that the images don’t look like you any more.

I’m a little shy, and I don’t want to be nude?

Boudoir seldom contain’s nude images (unless the client specifically wants them), usually going up to ‘implied nude’ where you are hidden behind a tastefully held prop, arm or similar. At the initial consultation we’d discuss the kind of images you desire, and shoot accordingly. If you want to do nude, that’s fine but if you don’t that’s just as fine, whatever you’re comfortable with.

I don’t know how to pose, can you help?

Absolutely, that’s part of the service. I’ve shot with seasoned models and with clients who have never had a photo shoot previously, and always achieved images they loved. You don’t have to be an experienced model, I’ll give full guidance and direction on how you can pose if needed.