Modlock is back and available for download, old versions only though.


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Download the latest version here

Significant upgrade, see Changelog

(Version 0.8.0 – Zipped Windows Executable – 55kb)
Important: Make sure you disable \”Run automatically at startup\” before upgrading if you are using version 0.3 or 0.4.


Modlock is a tiny windows application designed to make the use of modifer keys such as Alt and Control a lot easier when using a tablet PC, as needed when using software such as Adobe Photoshop.  When using tools such as the clone tool or the lasso in Photoshop, you often need to press and hold the Alt, Ctrl, Shift or Space keys while you use the tool to modifiy the way in which the tool behaves.  Whilst this is a simple task on a regular PC, it can be quite troublesome when using a tablet PC where you have no access to the keyboard.

Not wanting to use the standard on screen keyboard and lose so much screen real estate, and unhappy with the other applications designed to give access to these keys, I set about writing ModLock to suit the requirements I had for such an application.  After input and feedback from a few forums new features such as auto-release have been added to make the application more user friendly. See the changelog for a full list of features.


It couldnt be easier, just save the file somewhere on your hard drive and run it. The code for auto starting with windows will detect where you have saved it once you tick the box in options.


ModLock is released as freeware and as such you are welcome to download it and use it on as many computers as you wish without any need for purchase or licensing.  I would however ask that if you decide to provide the file for download on your own site, that you provide a courtesy link back to this page.

A few people have mentioned that I should setup a donation button for this, but as I’ve already said my intention was to provide this software completely free. I wrote it to scratch an itch, solve a problem I had and then released it to try and help others who I knew would be having the same problem.  I’m more than happy to continue without a donations button, but if you would like to donate something for the use of the software then please make your donation to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, a worthy charity raising money for the Newcastle Hospital NHS charity.


The main window of ModLock:

The options panel of ModLock


Version 0.8.0

Added much requested ability for custom keys to have Alt / Ctrl / Shift modifiers (See screenshot ^ )


Version 0.7.2

Bug fix in code for using F1, F2 etc. as custom keys.


Version 0.7.0

Bug fix in vertical button bar code

Update system modified to allow minor revision numbers


Version 0.6

Removed notification message box when minimizing.

Removed title bar to save on space.

Added option for vertical button bar

Added option for double sized button bar

Added help screen


Version 0.5

Added option for up to 4 extra customisable buttons

Added ability to check for updates manually or automatically

Filename name back to modlock.exe to prevent problems updating

Added double click support to tray icon



Version 0.4

Fixed bug where all auto-delay timers were linked to Alt timer.


Version 0.3

Added transparency support

Added auto run on startup option

Added minimize to tray functionality



Version 0.2

Prevented ModLock from stealing focus from current application

Added support for space bar

Added auto-release feature with customisable delay

Added right click to lock on modifier and ignore auto-release delay

Added buttons highlighting in red for noticability

Added remembering of location between sessions


Version 0.1

Initial release, ability to lock Alt, Control and Shift with ModLock


I now consider Modlock to be abandonware, I dont have the time or inclination to update this software these days, it is here purely for archive purposes / those who still want to use the old version.