Some of the clients taking part in boudoir shoots have been uncertain what the various levels mean, so I have put this page together to show examples.

Please remember, you’re entirely welcome to shoot to whatever level you like, there is no need to shoot anything more revealing than you are comfortable with. Everyone is different and some people are a little more shy than others and that’s fine.

Also please keep in mind that regardless of the level, shots will always be done in a classy and tastefully sexy way, nothing to gratuitous or seedy (though I’d hope you’ve already realised that from all the other pics i post).

The higher the level worked to, typically would mean shooting a couple of images at each level, and thereby building more of a story style strip to the image set.

It is entirely up to you what you would like to shoot to, and there are plenty of shoots that look great¬† just lingerie or lingerie and implied topless. After the shoot you get to rate and pick images for editing and use, so don’t panic, if you don’t like shots they will just be binned


Fully covered, completely top and bottom, in lingerie or outfit at all times.

Implied Topless

Impression of being topless, while not having nipples or too much on show. Using hands, bed etc to cover.


Breasts entirely visible and not covered, bottoms still on at all times.

Implied nude

Impression of being nude without showing too much. Laying on stomach or strategically placed legs, topless and implied bottomless or only implied typically would be laying down with only bum visible.


Nude pose, usually involving full frontal nudity and body entirely on show though still classy and not too graphic and legs would typically remain together to make images less porn-like

Art Nude

Nude pose, though there are no clothes, shadows and body shapes would be used to make the shot implied and more covered in the final image.