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I have uploaded all the images to dropbox, however they are absolutely massive at about 12gb and taking up all of my space on there so I cant keep them on there for too long. I’ll leave them up for 1 week and delete them on the 1st of November. If you want to grab them from there, please make sure you do so before then. Load the dropbox link on your computer and hit the download button in the top right.
Download from dropbox by clicking here

Disc Of Images

If you would like a disc of images, just let Mel know or send me a message and I’ll get one burned. A DVD is only 4gb though it will not get the absolutely full resolution copies on there, but ill make them as large and good as I can for the disc

USB Stick

Anyone who wants a copy of all the images at full resolution, bring Mel a USB stick of 16gb or larger, and I’ll put a copy on there for you.

Free Boudoir Shoot

Also, while you’re here, it’s getting to that time of the year where I do a bit of boudoir for Christmas and then for Valentines, so it’s good to post a couple of images to get interest sparked from people. Unfortunately because of the nature of boudoir and how it tends to be a present for a partner etc, paying clients are often reluctant to allow images to be shared, understandably! Generally this time of year I offer a couple of free boudoir shoots to use for promotion, so if any of you lovely ladies might be interested please send me a message and lets get arranging something. Only requirements are that you must have somewhere to shoot (be this at home or a location of your choosing) so i can keep it mixed up and avoid the same backdrops over and over again by using studios, and obviously you must be OK with me sharing an image or two for promo once they’re edited (and you get to approve which are OK to use). In return you get a free boudoir shoot, fully edited etc and all images provided on CD and a 6×4 print of each imaged edited which can be used as a gift for a partner or just kept. If you want a little black book of the images, I can do that at cost price.
Obviously shoots like this tend to be a much higher standard than live shows, as there’s control of the lighting and poses etc, so in case you havent seen my work other than shows: you can have a look at some portfolio at

If you don’t have me on Facebook and want to add me to chat about this, please do so: